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Secure Your Family’s Future

Never like todays has one thought about how important it is to have security, stability and tranquility, for oneself and for one’s family.

Buying an overseas home at very low prices in a tropical place is a life insurance that will allow you to achieve these goals. This place exist and is called Phuket in Thailand!

These days, a real estate investment abroad is probably not the first thing one thinks about. Instead you should!

Secure Your Family’s Future

Thailand, the land of smiles, has never been in war and has never been colonized. Friend of all, Thailand proved in the last thirty years to focuses heavily on long-term international tourism, especially trying to attract foreign investment and create an international community.

A stable government and a secure banking system are the pillars that attract so many foreigners to the island of Phuket.

Some move here on a permanent basis and some come for short periods. Many spend the winter months in the warm and there are those who commute between work in Europe and a reunion with the family who lives in Phuket.

Secure Your Family’s Future

Those who buy a property are guaranteed a residence visa* and there are many advantages:

The climate is mild all year round to the point that no heating is provided in the houses, there is a large multiethnic community of people from all over the world, there are 20 international schools, 4 international hospitals, 6 golf courses, 2 tennis academy, 4 marinas where yachts up to 100 meters are stationed and countless supermarkets offering products from all over the world. The local cuisine is excellent but there are also hundreds and hundreds of international restaurants of all kinds. It is easy to get a Thai driving license simply by showing a European driving license.

Because there is a very fast Internet connection, faster than the European average, many chose to work from here remotely.

Vary easy to obtain a work visa if the person decides to open a business or get long-term tourist visa or educational visa for students or many more types of visas.

It is also possible to open a bank account in local and foreign currency.

Many law firms offer legal assistance in any language.

Secure Your Family’s Future

Far from everything but close if desired: the international airport allows direct connections with the whole world.

The island of Phuket has advanced infrastructures but the government has always been attentive to the preservation and protection of nature. The sea is spectacular and you can do many water activities such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, sailing etc.

Today, more than ever, it is clear why to secure a property on another continent where you can move at any time for any reason, be it natural disasters, wars or because you have reached retirement age or simply for a nice vacation.

Property prices in Phuket are much lower than European prices. When the property is not used by you or by your family, it can be made available through our rental program with a guaranteed yield income of 7% per annum of the property value for 15 years. We also offer the buy-back option after 5 or 10 years from the purchase date if after this period you need liquidity.

Secure Your Family’s Future

In addition to visiting the properties in person, it is possible to view them through video calls and presentations in video call E or Virtual tour.

I guess you have home, car or motorcycle insurance. Well, what we offer you is an insurance, an opportunity, for the safety and happiness of your family and yourself. It will definitely make you feel better knowing that somewhere in the world, in a safe and welcoming place, you have your own home that can welcome you and your loved ones anytime you wish.

Our team is at your complete disposal to offer all the necessary information.

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