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Why Thailand is the place you always wanted to live in

Thailand is full of adventures and experiences you might find nowhere else in the world.

It all depends on what you are looking for and what you expect.

Thailand is ideal if you want to live in a warmer climate

You should consider Phuket for starters. While also known for its great Thai food, which you can find everywhere, Phuket really is the heart of Thailand in terms of work-life balance. Many people live here and many of those are even English-speaking. What more could you ask for? You will have no problems communicating and have the chance of enjoying life at its fullest in Phuket. Phuket Island is one of the most popular places in the world and synonymous for beach activities.

Why Thailand is the place you always wanted to live in

Looking for a milder climate?

You could to move to Chiang Mai! Its milder climate and astonishing scenery is ideal to enjoy your retirement. People are very friendly and helpful there and you will find everything you want.

Housing prizes are really good and it is easy to just drive to a nearby city or region, if you like to see the country a bit more. Obviously, there are other places one can retire; especially if you like the warmer climate. If you like sightseeing as well, Thailand has a lot of temples and places that are worth seeing, no matter what you prefer.

Thailand is full of festivals and parties

Phuket will simply blow you away. When it comes to partying, Phuket is the biggest party destination in all of Thailand, no, all of Asia! The festivals held in Thailand range from funny water fights during Songkran, where people go “to war” armed with water guns and the likes to wet each other in order to welcome the Thai new year; to Yasothon Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival, which as the name suggest, is a festival about building rockets to welcome the monsoon time. Imagine New Year’s Eve, just dialed up to 11! What kind of rocket would you build?

Why Thailand is the place you always wanted to live in

Everybody likes Thai food

There is no question that Thai food is delicious! And it is everywhere! There are so many variations and styles that even trying to categorize them is impossible. Eating in Thailand is always an adventure on its own, as to how wide range the food is. It is really hard to find bad Thai food.
No matter if you like it traditional, prefer meat, or you are vegan, Thailand really has an abundance of delicious food. The food is also very affordable, which makes it even better.

Have you considered moving to Thailand?

There are so many good reasons to live in Thailand. It is a very beautiful country with a lot of tradition, culture and some of the nicest people in the world. It is relatively safe, even from the perspective of a tourist. If you plan your next vacation, or consider investing in property there, consider Thailand!

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