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      Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country that fill with locals and tourists during the high season that stretches from November to February.
      Also, this island is very rich in culture with a lot of colorful, fun celebrations and festivities that anyone visiting, can join! If you’re planning on going to Phuket for one of the upcoming festivities, you should definitely consider the following places to buy the perfect accessory, gift or souvenir for the occasion or to take home with you.

      Goods Thai souvenirs

      This place has 5-star ratings for a reason. It offers a complete selection of souvenirs that your friends and family back home will absolutely love. And that’s not all. A good product doesn’t automatically make a good purchase, but we can guarantee you that you will be walking out of this store with a smile on your lips because this store offers quality products at great prices and excellent customer service!

      Pink Pvssy

      Pink Pvssy offers a large selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that sparkle with the local culture and its particular style; also, they literally spark! The distinctive characteristic of Thailand souvenirs is that they are full of colors and use different materials to create a beautiful effect. You’ll feel like you’re back on those beautiful beaches with the summer breeze in your hair every time you wear them, and maybe your friends will, too!

      Blue Vanilla

      Now that you know where to go to feel like you’re back in Phuket, maybe you would love knowing how to make your friends and family feel like they were there with you, too. At Blue Vanilla, you will find gorgeous accessories and decor to gift to those you want to feel like they were with you on your magical trip to Phuket. They may not have experienced the magic first-hand like you did, but they’ll certainly have a piece of it with them if you take a few souvenirs with you.

      Once in Phuket

      Last but not least, at Once in Phuket, you can get all kinds of little details to take home and create your own Thai corner, or maybe give away to someone special. The best part about this shop is that you will find something unique and special for every different festivity that comes around, so you won’t get bored even if you go every year!

      Keep in Mind

      We mentioned some of the best places to buy souvenirs/gifts when you visit Phuket, there are still thousands of little shops to explore around the Island, always surrounded by very hospitable locals. Make sure to check them out for a great bargain.

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