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Top 10 Things Chinese Buyers Want to Know When Considering Overseas InvestmentIn the last few years, Phuket has seen an influx of Chinese tourism come to the island. Quality Chinese tourists are enticed by the tropical environment, affordability and easy lifestyle of Phuket, and many hope to invest in or purchase property for a longterm stay.

Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. is experiencing valid interest from many potential Chinese investors and clients regarding our unique properties scattered around Phuket. In order to offer these new clients the highest standard of service, it is important to understand exactly what it is that Chinese investors and buyers are looking for or want.

The fastest growing market in the world in terms of online retail and global real estate development is China. Not all Chinese buyers are the same and many have different demands and preferences when it comes to buying property. However, when it comes to investment overseas, most Chinese share the same concerns.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 criteria the Chinese tend to investigate before buying property.

1. Education

A growing interest in overseas education compels potential Chinese buyers to seek homes near reputable schools or universities. For those looking to invest in property in Phuket, it is important to note that the island has a rich selection of schools and universities which provide quality education.

2. Visa Rules & Regulations

The Chinese are looking for extended stays so it is important that longterm visas and even investment visas are available. Thailand offers a variety of visas which are easily attainable. Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. is able to offer lucrative advice and help when it comes to obtaining visas for Thailand.

3. Ownership Rules

As all land is owned by the state in China, owning private property is a dream for most Chinese. With that in mind, many Chinese are uncertain about the rules when it comes to owning property abroad. Many will question the terms freehold and leasehold. Our team will ensure that potential Chinese investors are up-to-speed with relative industry terms and are aware of the rules for owning property in Thailand.

4. Taxes & Fees

Chinese buyers many be unaware of the taxes and fees associated with investment or purchase of a property abroad. Our legal team can explain the extra fees involved and offer advice and support for those who have recently purchased properties.

5. Market Trends

Property is the tried and true path to wealth in China. Prices continue to skyrocket and an example of that is that in Beijing alone, prices have increased 6x in ten years. All of this means that when it comes to purchasing property, Chinese will have done their research on market trends.

6. Development Potential

Development potential plays a huge role in the decision for Chinese to Buy Property Phuket. Local infrastructure and large corporate investments are particularly attractive for the Chinese and in Phuket, this is no exception. As the island’s infrastructure continues to be developed and enhanced, with more accessible roads, easier transportation and more high end developments being built, the Chinese will continue to eye Phuket as a prime destination for overseas ownership.

7. Yields

The Chinese will be very keen to discuss gross and net yields when it comes to return on investment. Many of the properties that comprise the Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. portfolio guarantee a NET return making investment to the Chinese attractive.

8. Citizenship Privileges

Phuket is attractive for many reasons. Not only is the island gorgeous, but there are modern healthcare facilities and hospitals, good schools, fine dining and great shopping venues. When purchasing property abroad, the Chinese will be interested in researching what privileges they are entitled to in Thailand as well as what is available locally.

9. Sales Process

Purchasing property overseas can be extremely taxing. There are many things to think about and consider, and it can be a stressful time. Thankfully, the team at Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. is there to support you every step of the way. Our dedicated staff will answer all of your questions and ensure that your transition into being a home owner in Phuket is a smooth one.

10. Cost of Living

Top 10 Things Chinese Buyers Want to Know When Considering Overseas InvestmentFrom monthly bills, day to day expenses and even taxes, the Chinese will consider bang for their buck when it comes to investing or purchasing property overseas. Additionally, everyday costs such as the price of food, travel and luxury items will also be looked at. Luckily, the cost of living in Phuket is affordable. It is easy to seek out the finer things that life has to offer in Phuket without going broke, which makes the island an attractive investment opportunity.

Interested in building a longterm relationship with a reputable property developer in Phuket? For further information, contact info@phsproperty.com and our team will be happy to discuss investment opportunities in Phuket.

The unique property portfolio offered by Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. offers ideal locations, luxury amenities and attractive returns. Let us make your dream of owning a home in paradise a reality.

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