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The Phuket Lobster Festival 2019

Lobsters are delicious. Won’t you agree? Well-prepared lobsters are appraised all around the world with its distinct flavor and high prestige. Recently, the Phuket Lobster was acknowledged to have the highest possible quality in the area, and who would wonder with such a popular type of seafood that has been prepared in Thailand for decades, with recipes being passed from generation to generation. Due to the love for lobster, Phuket was recently selected as one of UNESCO’s 18 cities of gastronomy.
This marks the first time, a Thai city and ASEAN member was selected for this honor. As a means of showing gratitude, more than a 100 restaurants all around Phuket have come together to celebrate the Phuket Lobster.

But what goes well with lobster and how to prepare for a proper lobster-meal – and what makes the lobster so fascinating?

The best side dishes for lobster

Hot butter is the most favorite side dish for lobsters. It is also easy to prepare. Simply melt the butter and fill it in a sauce cup. You can also add some lemon juice or garlic, to add some more flavors. Another side dish for lobster is macaroni and cheese. Yes, you’ve read that right. There are even some Mac and Cheese dishes served with lobster. Simply delicious!

Lobsters are really nice to savor with a Caesar Salad and it adds a pleasant filled feeling.
Steamed asparagus is also very delicious side dish, especially when mixed with lemon butter and some olive oil. Vegetables, in general, work very well with lobsters. Try everything from beans to broccoli and tomatoes – you will have a guaranteed winner!

For a heavier meal, you can pair baked potatoes and sour cream with lobster. Or cube some potatoes and mix them with mayonnaise for a simple potato salad.
Risotto is also very tasty with lobster and especially good when boiled in the seafood brood.
Baked beans and lobsters are a popular combo in New England and give it a spicier feel.

Lobsters go very well with other seafood too, such as clams for instance. Add some potatoes and you will have a great meal!

Besides eating this delicacy, there are also some interesting facts about lobsters as well.

Did you know…?

– Lobsters first gain their orange-red color while being cooked and look different in the nature.

Lobsters are either blue-black or greenish-brown. Yet, environmental factors can result in some show-stopping variations. 1 in 2 million lobsters can be blue, 1 in 10 million bright red, 1 in 30 million yellow and 2 colored versions can occur 1 in 50 million times. Then there is the albino or crystal lobster, which results 1 in 100 million times.

– Lobsters don’t stop growing. They keep growing all their life until they die and molt their shell. The biggest lobster ever caught weighed around 20kgs and was estimated to be over 100 years old.

– Lobsters have a very unusual anatomy.

Their brain is located in its throat. The nerve system is in its abdomen; its heart is on its back, its teeth in its stomach and its kidneys in its head.

– Lobster blood is colorless, but when exposed to oxygen, it turns blue.

Lobsters are also able to smell and taste all across their body!

The Phuket Lobster Festival 2019

We wish you a great Phuket Lobster Festival!

There is much to know about lobsters, and we are very much looking forward to the Phuket Lobster Festival 2019.

You can completely dive into the world of lobsters and its rich culture in all of Phuket. More than 100 restaurants partnered up to deliver this mouthwatering spectacle.

Make sure to join this event and enjoy lobsters in ways, you didn’t know existed. Discover it in ways, you wouldn’t think was possible.

We hope you enjoy the Phuket Lobster festival 2019!

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The Phuket Lobster Festival 2019