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When you are thinking of purchasing a residence in an esteemed real estate project, it really is the small details that matter. Phuket Holiday Services keeps a keen focus on improving the convenience quotient of all of our residential complexes, whether it be through contemporary interiors or amenities offered within the project


  • Purchasing a residence

    Purchasing a residence in a real estate project with a clubhouse comes with many benefits. The focus given to amenities which are aimed to improve lifestyle is both modern and clever. Often times, the addition of a clubhouse to any residential real estate project increases the value of the property while offering some luxurious advantages.

  • How important is a Clubhouse?

    A clubhouse comes with a large variety of benefits. While a clubhouse certainly ensures on-site comfortable living, it also allows for many conveniences.

    Whether it’s a place to shop, a variety of restaurant options, or fitness facilities, a clubhouse is unique in that it gets you everything under one roof. The addition of a clubhouse to any residential real estate project directly impacts the lifestyle of its residents.



Other Benefits of a Clubhouse

Living in a residential real estate project is an excellent idea. In addition to a luxurious apartment or condominium, these projects also offer outstanding amenities such as swimming pools and rooftop bars with great views. It is the clubhouse, however, that is the true exceptional perk.

One of the reasons a clubhouse is so beneficial is because it means that residents no longer have to leave the premises for things that they enjoy. On-site fitness facilities, state-of-the-art gym equipment, spa therapies and in-house wellness centers allow for residents on holiday to stick to their daily routines, fitness regimes and pamper themselves accordingly.

Additionally, clubhouses in a residential real estate project often function as a place for holding small events, parties or gatherings. With a myriad of dining and drinking options on-site, residents will not need to leave the real estate project to enjoy a social function.

Clubhouses also serve as a wonderful recreational area, where families and friends can gather together to enjoy one another’s company and relax. It is great for parents as children can have fun with other children from the project in close proximity, so parents will not need to worry as to where their little ones might be.

A clubhouse truly facilitates a feeling of community, which is a wonderful thing to have within any residential real estate project. After all, your permanent tropical island home or holiday home should be everything you dreamed. Close connections that a clubhouse brings about are great for socializing, meeting like-minded individuals and making friends.



Secure Your Dream Home with a Clubhouse in Phuket, Thailand

The clubhouses offered within the residential real estate projects of Phuket Holiday Services offer many conveniences, a safe wonderful place to host family and friends and the perfect way to mingle with other residents. If you are looking to purchase a luxurious residence with amenities such as a fully functional clubhouse, do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out via email at info@phsproperty.com and let us assist you. Our clubhouses provide a space where our residents can venture out of their homes into a new environment without ever having to leave the premises!


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The Benefits of Having a Clubhouse in a Residential Real Estate Project