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Do you need vacation? A simple question that no one probably ever has said no to. Well, who in their right mind would actually ever say no to that, right?

If you’re reading these lines, chances are that you’ve been to, or shown interest in the wonderful island of Phuket before, and who could blame you!
Phuket is picturesque, it has charme and all the benefits that an Expat could imagine.

When some people think vacation, they automatically picture milewide beaches, fresh coconuts, palm trees, fresh breezes and relaxed people around you.
Close your eyes when thinking of vacation. Do you picture Phuket? We can’t blame you for that either! We do, too!


Are you considering settling down in Phuket?

Investing in a property abroad is like going home from your other home, an investment that will pay off manyfold both financially, emotionally and mentally shortly after its been made.

Does that sound tempting?

Okay, it may sound expensive at first, we can’t blame you for thinking that, but after reading this newsletter, you’ll quickly come to realise that investing in a home abroad isn’t quite as expensive as you may have thought initially. Let’s present you one of our most trendsetting developments we’re launching next month – the Bay and Beach club!

The Bay and Beach Club

The Bay and Beach Club features modern, contemporary one and two bedroom apartments with spacious, open plan interiors. The apartments feature spacious living- and dining rooms, comfortable kitchens and innovative bathroom designs. The overall standard of the development is first rate, well beyond affordable for this type of luxurious island living.
The Bay and Beach club faces Patong Bay and is host to some of the most outstanding sea views and magical sunsets that the island has to offer. If you’re planning on buying a holiday home in Phuket and look for House for sale Phuket or House for sale Thailand, The Bay and Beach Club definitely should be on your top 3, or dare we say – top 1?


For further information regarding The Bay and Beach Club, or to enquire about our special 15 years House for sale Thailand Rental Guarantee program, a price-list or any other question you may have, please contact ;us at info@phsproperty.com

We can make your dream of owning a luxurious, beachfront apartment on the shores of Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand a reality.

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