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Surfing in Phuket with Phuket Holiday ServicesPhuket is becoming more and more popular as a surfing destination. It is possible to catch a few waves during the island’s green season. Also known as the monsoon or rainy season, green season generally begins in May and ends in October, with September and October being the wettest months during the southwest monsoon. While the waves in Phuket are not as big as those in the Maldives, Indonesia or Hawaii, it is possible to catch a few good tubes and even learn to surf during these months.

With an ideal location on the western coast of the island, Phuket Holiday Services offers up some of the most attractive investment opportunities in Phuket’s best surf spots. Looking to catch waves and live in paradise? Let us be your guide. Contact us at info@phsproperty.com for more information.

Phuket’s west coast has gained popularity over the years as the islands prime surfing destination, and there are surf shacks and surf schools dotting the coast. Patong, Surin, Kamala and Kalim beaches produce steady waves during the season, however, it is the laid back Kata Beach that is the sweetheart of the Phuket surfing scene. Often referred to as Thailand’s “surfer’s paradise” Kata Beach is a long stretch of powdery soft sand where it is possible to not only learn to surf, but also hang ten on the vast array of decent-sized waves that crash along the shore. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Are you an avid surfer looking for a holiday home? Phuket is an idyllic destination with much to offer both during and after the surf season. Interested to know more about purchasing a holiday home in Phuket where you can chase the waves until the sun sets? Phuket Holiday Services offers a wide variety of attractive, affordable homes in Phuket. For more information, contact us at info@phsproperty.com

Surfing in Phuket with Phuket Holiday ServicesKata Beach definitely plays host to the surfing action on the island. Throughout green season, however, it is possible to surf the beaches of Patong, Kalim and Kamala but the waves in these locations are not as consistent as the ones in Kata. There are a handful of shops along Kata Beach that rent both long and short boards for the more experienced surfer. If you do not know how to surf but would like to try, it is possible to take surfing lessons through any of these shops.

The surf instructors on Kata Beach are local boys, as well as a few girls, and most have been surfing for as long as they could walk. They are all knowledgeable about the sport, as well as the ocean’s tides and waves. The instructors do their best to keep surfing students safe, but also push them to conquer their fears and stand up on the board and catch that wave.

Prices to hire an instructor or rent a surf board on Kata Beach vary, but are affordable nonetheless. Board rentals tend to be by the hour. If you are wanting to rent a board for the whole day, best to negotiate the rate prior to taking the board out. Board rentals are also available in both Patong and Kamala.

Phuket hosts a few surfing contests during the green season including competitions at Kata, Karon, Patong and Kalim beaches. Some are local contests, and others are sponsored by big name surf brands scouting the area for talent. Regardless, they are fun to watch and if one is happening during the time you are staying at your holiday home in Phuket, Phuket Holiday Services recommends that you head down to the beach to watch.

With exciting developments scattered throughout the island, Phuket Holiday Services is the premier property developer in Phuket. We serve real estate owners, investors and occupiers, as well as offer strategic advice and execution for property sales and leasing.

Our holiday home projects offer attractive returns and great incentives for investors and buyers. If you have every dreamed of surfing the days away in a tropical paradise, contact us immediately at info@phsproperty.com because we can turn your endless summer dreams into a reality.

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