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Retirement in Phuket with Phuket Holiday ServicesAfter many years of hard work and service comes retirement. Retirement is the time to live out your golden years relaxing and enjoying life. Thailand has become one of the most popular places in the world to retire, and Phuket especially is appealing to those looking for an affordable, tropical island destination.

Thailand offers an extremely low cost of living compared to other Western and Asian countries. While property rentals are relatively inexpensive, home ownership is also possible. Foreigners are allowed to purchase Thai condominiums, while food and transportation costs are also low. Combining all of these factors, the cost of living in Thailand is around 40% lower than places like the USA.

Have you been toying with the idea of retiring abroad? Are you interested in learning more about owning a condominium in Phuket for your retirement? Contact Phuket Holiday Services at info@phsproperty.com and let us help turn your dream of retiring in Thailand into a reality.

Although it is an island, due to the growth in tourism and a strong market, Phuket is a bit of a cosmopolitan city. There are a wide variety of top notch dining venues scattered across the island, while the electric nightlife is centrally located in the popular beach destination of Patong. Shopping is abundant, public transportation is easy to navigate and there are fine medical facilities and international hospitals. Plus, the array of lovely beaches to choose from makes soaking up the sun easy to do every single day.

Retirement in Phuket with Phuket Holiday ServicesThe Phuket International Airport also plays a big factor in retiring here. After recently undergoing renovations, the airport is now much more efficient than before. Thailand is also a hub for other affordable destinations in Southeast Asia making short getaways viable and travel inexpensive. Many of the properties up for grabs from Phuket Holiday Services are located in or around Patong, which is an approximate 40 minute drive from Phuket International Airport making the location extremely convenient.

Phuket features a good climate, and while there is a distinct monsoon season here, the weather is rather warm and pleasant throughout the year. The good weather is great for sitting on your private terrace or balcony in the evenings and watching one of Phuket’s famous sunsets paint the sky.

There are a large number of foreigners in Thailand working, and many have also come to Phuket to retire. With this in mind, there are many clubs and activities to get involved in much like you would in your home country and also many opportunities to go out and socialize. Another thing that is not a worry in Thailand is that there is a low language barrier. Most Thais speak good English, and if you are diligent, learning a few phrases of Thai is also not very difficult.

The legalities of living in Thailand can also be made easier with a retirement visa. The Thai government offers a retirement visa that is quite easy to obtain as long as you can meet the financial criteria. Navigating immigration has also become easier, therefore making your retirement journey hassle-free.

Phuket Holiday Services can help you retire in Phuket. Our unique property portfolio features stylish apartments with all of the conveniences of home. Located within close proximity to the beach, the developments are beyond affordable and offer attractive investment returns. Let us open the door into retirement in Phuket for you. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

For more information on retirement in Thailand and to sneak a peek at our property portfolio, contact info@phsproperty.com Phuket Holiday Services looks forward to easing your transition into paradise.

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