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Reasons to Retire in PhuketTo retire in southern Thailand’s tropical island of Phuket would be a dream for many. Not only is Phuket a luxury lifestyle destination with so much to offer, it is quite affordable to retire and live here. A few of the reasons to retire in Phuket include:


Overall, Thailand is very cost effective and Phuket’s cost of living makes it more attractive than other countries for those planning to retire. Even if the island is a bit more expensive than other parts of Thailand, it is much cheaper than other more developed countries in Asia Pacific.

The standard of living in Phuket is absolutely fantastic. Phuket affords so many opportunities and there are great eateries, shopping, golf courses and hospitals. Supermarkets are affordable in Phuket, allowing those who live here to eat well and Thai food is so fresh, delicious and cheap.

If you are looking for someone to help with daily chores such as gardening, housekeeping or laundry, these kind of services are readily available and cost a fraction of what they would in the Western world.

It is true that Phuket has everything you need for a much lower price than in your relative home country. Even if you set a monthly budget into your golden years, you will still have enough to live comfortably.


Reasons to Retire in PhuketEven if you have come to Phuket to retire, there are still plenty of activities to help you pass the time while living in this tropical paradise. Many people who retire in Phuket take advantage of the excellent climate and spend their days outdoors on the beach, on the golf course or even at the gym. Fun activities are easy to pursue in Phuket as they won’t break the bank or cut into your retirement fund.

There is a well-established retirement community in Phuket, and this give retirees the chance to connect and bond while making new friends. Much of the retirement community is also involved in various dedicated Phuket charities, so there is always an event to sponsor or function to attend.

Retire with Phuket Holiday Services

If you plan to retire in Phuket, do come and check out the available projects from Phuket Holiday Services. With offices based around the island, Phuket Holiday Services hosts a variety of exciting developments scattered across the island. If you are looking for a beach residence, a one bedroom studio apartment, a villa hidden high in the hills and surrounded by nature or a modern resort concept, we can help.

Phuket Holiday Services ensures that the transition to owning a holiday home goes seamlessly. We are with you every step of the way and can help sort out any challenges you might face leading up to retiring in Phuket and owning your holiday home.

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