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Paradise Beach Phuket - The one true place of enjoyment

There is no doubt that Phuket is one of the world’s most renowned holiday locations in Southeast Asia, or dare we say, in the world?
We do.

In Phuket, there is so much to experience and do that getting bored really is quite impossible, no matter what your interests may be.

From clubbing all night long in one of the many clubs to sport and beach activities, you can do all of that – and much more in Phuket. Wouldn’t it be handy, if you were to do and experience all those fun activities in one place? Well, you actually can.

Enter Paradise Beach Phuket; the one true place of enjoyment, relaxation and fun, fun and more fun. Everything you would want to do in Phuket, is conveniently nestled in one place.

Paradise Beach Phuket - The one true place of enjoyment

From beach activities to night-life – everything is included

At the Paradise Beach in Phuket, you not only have access to one, but two beautiful beaches. Paradise Beach is about 100 yards long and Chill Beach around 60 yards.

At Paradise Beach, we offer happy hours and regular promotions at our 3 beach bars and beach restaurant, or you can just dine at our main Paradise Beach restaurant, where we offer a wide variety of Italian and Thai cuisine with a capacity of 120 pax.

Come visit us and just spend your days at the beach enjoying your holiday, and bath in the sun, play a game of beach volleyball, or even go and get a free trial at our diving center.

From 4 pm onward each day, you get treated to the sounds of one of our DJ’s, every day.

You can relax on any of the hundreds of beach beds we have placed at the beachside and enjoy our food and drink services, without you even having to move one inch. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? It is.

Paradise Beach Phuket - The one true place of enjoyment

In the evenings, you can party all you want

What is a paradise without a proper party? At the Paradise Beach, you’ll get all the party you’ll need with our full range of moon parties.

We celebrate the new moon, half-moon and the full moon to its fullest. You can join us in this exciting endeavor every Saturday!

Knowing that you only deserve the best, we’re bringing only the best international DJ’s to the turntable for those special evenings!

Our Paradise Beach restaurant will be open for you until late, should you prefer a nice meal in picturesque surroundings before the party starts, or in its stead.

We even hold a beach BBQ and three amazing fire shows with the burning of the full moon sign.

Enjoy the party with our Function-One sound system, one of the best sound systems in the world!

We also host regular live concerts with the same options as our moon parties. Ready to try it out? Come visit us!

If you however need to find a good location for a more formal event, like a wedding, you don’t need to look any further than the Paradise Beach in Phuket.
How romantic would a wedding be on a tropical beach, with a bright and saturated red sunset.

Come visit us at Paradise Beach

If you find yourself having further questions or simply wish to get in touch with us, feel free to send an Email to info@paradisebeachphuket.com or reach out to us via phone at +66 (0) 837 439 009.

We, at Paradise Beach Phuket, look forward to meeting you.