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Our guide to Phuket’s night markets

When visiting Phuket, there are many things to go see, admire and take in. You could for instance visit the Giant Buddha statue, one of the endless beaches, or Phuket’s perhaps main attraction; the colorful and numerous night markets, spread all across the island.

Due to the warm climate in Phuket, shopping while the sun is up is no pleasant experience, hence why the markets start to open as soon as the heat and sun go down, which in turn makes up for a unique and exotic ordeal.
In this newsletter, we list 5 of the most popular night markets in Phuket that you don’t want to miss and what you can expect to see and find there.

Take a stroll on Phuket’s walking street

Open Sunday 16:00 to 22:00 and located in Old Phuket town, this is not only a night market, but also a cultural attraction – and quite a sight to behold. Between the old Sino-Portuguese houses, this market offers not only a wide variety of goods such as Thai handcrafts, T-shirts, dresses and shoes; between the stalls you can also witness the many street performers while eating traditional Thai food.

Our guide to Phuket’s night markets

The Chillva Market

More geared toward locals, this cool and trendy market, using shipping containers as their store fronts, has an impressive selection of food and fashion wares, while giving tourist a nice local experience they might not find anywhere else with so reasonable prices and a lot of food vendors all serving great meals of all variety. While the container shops are open daily from 16:00- 22:00, the full market is open Sundays between 16:00 to 23:00.

Take a culinary trip in the Malin Plaza Patong

People usually go to the Malin Plaza to eat. There are many food vendors with delicious meals at low prices, serving all kind of local and western cuisine every day between 14:00 – 24:00.

This area tends to be very humid due to the amount of food vendors and their cooking equipment, yet this is solved by a good ventilation system and many covered areas. A must-visit for foodies.

Enter Phuket’s weekend market

Locally known as the Naka Market, this market is by far the biggest there is in Phuket; so big in fact, that it is separated into an open area offering fluffy toys, mobile phones, all kind of electronics, DVD’s and CD’s, shoes, jewelry, watches and all kind of fashion accessories – and a covered area with jeans, T-shirts and all kind of souvenirs on a cemented ground which guarantees no muddy feet.

Open Sundays between 16:00 -21:00.

Our guide to Phuket’s night markets

Visit Phuket’s Indy market if you prefer it a bit more quiet

If you are looking for a more comfortable and relaxed ambience, then the Indy market is just what you are looking for.

On Thursdays and Fridays between16:00-22:00, you can find all kinds of independent goods – you may even bring your own goods for sale!

Phuket is a place of many wonders

The night markets are just one of the many attractions that Phuket has to offer really.
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