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Nestled in the hills of Kamala

Peaceful and serene, Naka Sea View Condominium is a hidden gem nestled in the hills of Kamala. The development, both modern and luxurious, is an excellent choice for a secluded holiday home on the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand. Naka Sea View Condominium boasts sweeping sea views and close proximity to the white sands of Naka Beach. The condominium is situated on a gorgeous parcel of land in one of Phuket’s prime destinations.

Have you been looking to invest in a holiday home in paradise? Consider Naka Sea View Condominium and its secluded tranquility. During the month of October 2018, the developer is offering a special price promotion on units within Naka Sea View Condominium. For more information, contact info@phsproperty.com

Naka Sea View Condominium features well-designed one bedroom apartment units which are 35 square meters. The interiors are classy and the kitchen fully functional and modern. The open plan living and dining areas provide ample yet cozy space. While the units are compact, the clever layout provides a very open, spacious feel.


An outstanding highlight of the one bedroom apartment units at Naka Sea View Condominium is the private balconies which open to breathtaking views. Additionally, each balcony has a private rooftop sunbathing platform. Imagine yourself enjoying endless hours outside soaking up the sun, waiting for it to sent and appreciating the tropical grandeur which surrounds Naka Sea View Condominium.

The estimated completion date for all phases at Naka Sea View Condominium is 2021, and currently, construction is ongoing throughout the development. One bedroom apartment units are selling quickly, so in order to take advantage of the price promotions during the month of October, drop us a line at info@phsproperty.com

 Naka Sea View Condominium is offered with the possibility to own your unit as a 100% freehold property. In Thailand, freehold property can be owned in personal name by foreign buyers. Freehold property is advantageous as it is just like owning property in your respective home country. Keeping that in mind, it is reassuring for buyers to know that a unit at Naka Sea View Condominium is completely and entirely theirs.

Naka Bay Sea View Condominium offers a 7% NET guarantee for 15 years, making the development beyond affordable for a stunning sea view residence on the island of Phuket. Investment at Naka Sea View Condominium is the most lucrative choice.

Ownership opportunities at Naka Sea View Condominium now come in the form of foreign freehold, making it possible for buyers to own the condo outright. Located just 200 meters from the beach, the hushed, tranquil setting of Naka Sea View Condominium is truly a delight.

Take advantage of the price promotions at Naka Sea View Condominium throughout the month of October. Choose to own a holiday home on the paradise island of Phuket in southern Thailand.

 The options are endless at Naka Sea View Condominium … it is the sea like you’ve never seen just a few steps away from your holiday home. To discuss investment opportunities, or take advantage of the price promotions during October at Naka Sea View Condominium, please contact us at info@phsproperty.com

We look forward to making your dream of owning a holiday home come true at Naka Sea View Condominium.