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Naka Bay Sea View Condominium Comes to LifeLocated a stone’s throw from the semi-private Nakalay Bay, Naka Bay Sea View Condominium is a modern yet luxurious development tucked away in the hills of the charming local neighborhood of Patong Beach on the island of Phuket, Thailand. The contemporary-style units that make up the Naka Bay Sea View Condominium development offer outstanding sea views in a very serene envi-ronment.

Naka Bay Sea View Condominium features one bedroom apartments. The sea view residence is home to an open plan layout, allowing for ample space between the living and dining areas. The private balconies attached to the one bedroom apartments have a rooftop sunbath platform, which is surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation and a sense of calm.

With a completion date set for 2019, Naka Bay Sea View Condominium ownership comes in the form of foreign freehold or leasehold with 7% NET guarantee yield for 15 years. Extremely afforda-ble, more information about these gorgeous sea view residences can be found by dropping a line to info@phsproperty.com

Naka Bay Sea View Condominium Comes to LifeNaka Bay Sea View Condominium is just 200 meters from the beach. The development’s tranquil setting is perfect for nature lovers and beach bums. Tall palm trees, fresh sea breezes and amaz-ing views are just a few of the perks of the idyllic residence.

Currently, the land parcel where Naka Bay Sea View Condominium is located is coming to life as steps for the development project move forward. The winding path of the road has been cleared, the land has been measured and ground is being broken for the installation of the water well. It tru-ly is exciting times at Naka Bay Sea View Condominium.

It is all important to note that the devel-opers have paid particular attention to the surrounding land parcel and are nurturing its natural beauty. Upon completion, this sea view residence is sure to be one of the most esteemed on the island of Phuket.

Response to Naka Bay Sea View Condominiums has been outstanding and for this reason there are only a small number of beautiful units left. If you are interested, do contact us now as soon it will be too late to purchase one of these stunning units.

Investment at Naka Bay Sea View Condominium is a wise choice. As previously mentioned, in-vestment includes the possibility of a 7% NET guarantee for 15 years, while the choice to purchase a unit at flat rate for personal use is also a possibility.

Interested in a calm and peaceful holiday home? If you answered yes, then Naka Bay Sea View Condominium is definitely for you. Come enjoy a life of serenity by the sea.

For further information and to discuss ownership possibilities, drop a line to info@phsproperty.com

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