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Medical tourism in Phuket
In the recent years, medical tourism is flourishing in Phuket. With very affordable prices compared to the western world, this is no big surprise either. Many tourists simply rather come to Phuket to get their surgeries done, so they afterwards have the opportunity to enjoy the nice tropical weather and atmosphere, compared to at home in their often quite conservative surroundings. And they’d save quite some money too!

When Medical tourism emerged in Phuket

It all started when the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj opened its doors in 1982.
This was the first private hospital opening in Phuket and the first to provide medical treatment to tourists as well as promoting medical tourism in Phuket in general.
The facilities at the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj include an eye and LASIK center, a specialist women’s clinic, a cardiac center, a skin and laser center and a dental center. The hospital is also well known as one of the leading centers for Plastic Surgery in Thailand through the Phuket International Aesthetic Center.

Medical tourism in Phuket

Why is medical tourism so popular?

As mentioned earlier, medical treatment in Phuket comes at only a fraction of the cost compared to many western countries. It is estimated that medical treatment in Phuket only costs about one-fifth of European, and one-eighth of the United States’ pricing. The quality however is about on the same level as the western world, if not even better.
Many tourists fly to Phuket, get their treatment, enjoy a few days of holiday at a resort, fly back and would still have paid less money for the same procedure as in their home country. This makes the decision very easy. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days on a white-sanded beach or a luxury holiday resort, while still saving money doing so?
Another big advantage is the short waiting list compared to treatments in the western world.
You can set up an appointment, fly to Phuket, get your treatment, fly home and have recovered before you even get an appointment in the western world.
This is a win-win for many! There are even companies that can set-up everything for you, making it very easy to get the best treatment, with the right price-tag.

Not only for cosmetic treatments

Most medical tourists come to Phuket to get cosmetic and plastic surgeries at a lower price. With the steady increase of general expenditures in the western world, this further pushes Phuket to a top destination for medical procedures.
However, in recent years, many medical tourists also come to Phuket for other kind of medical treatments, such as joint replacements or cardiovascular surgery.

Medical tourism in Phuket

In summary

Medical tourism is growing increasingly and many people enjoy coming to Phuket, getting their treatments for lower prices while also being able to enjoy this tropical island. The advantages are obvious and the results are on par with those of the western world. You can always stay at one of our holiday resorts while getting your treatment. We could easily set up transfers to and from the hospital for you.

At Phuket Holiday Services, we provide only the best holiday resort to our visitors. If you’d like to know more, you can visit our website to learn more about us and our developments and offers.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Medical tourism in Phuket