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kayak at the beach

We, from Phuket Holiday Services, are happy and excited to inform you about the exclusive Bay and Beach club, located in the heart of Patong beach on the Andaman coast. This unique project is truly a remarkable resort and private residence –  the ultimate location in Phuket.
These exquisite one- and two bedroom apartments nestled in on one of the most active beaches in the world, are constructed with perfection in mind and a painstaking attention to detail. Every element of this highly anticipated resort is top-notch!


It is all about the details

No cost was withheld to make this behemoth of a project with a total size of 3.308 m² become reality. The resorts range from 41-120 m², each fitted with an open-plan kitchen, up to 2 open-plan bedrooms, an open-plan living and dining area, a Jacuzzi and a sunk seat.

Designed in a luxury/contemporary style completed with an unrestricted view to the beach and sea, there is not much that is left to be desired really.

This alone makes the Bay and Beach Club to one of the world most modern holiday resorts to invest in with a 7 % NET rental for 15 years.

At the beach

But there is more…

Of course, we know that no matter how luxurious the resort is, you’d still want to go outside at times. For this reason, we strategically placed the Bay and Beach club as close to the beach and city-center as possible. The project is on the beach and it’s 100 mt. far only from the vibrant Patong city-center… you won’t lack anything and have everything you might want within an arm’s reach – and with nothing to worry. You can focus entirely on the things that are really important – like living your life to the fullest in your state-of-the-art luxury resort!

Invest in the Bay and Beach club resort today

The Bay and Beach Club is just one of the many luxury resorts we offer. If you would like to know more about the thriving resorts, or a condominium, feel free to visit us at www.phsproperty.com for more information and offers.

You have further questions? Please send us an Email to: info@phsproperty.com!

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