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Since the UK announced a new policy for Hong Kong BNO holders, there’s been many discussions about if it’s worth leaving Hong Kong for a new life.

Lately, we have received some inquiries from Hong Kong regarding our projects in Phuket, after chatting to some of our clients, we found out that it’s true that Phuket can be a great option for them.

Why do we consider Phuket as a viable investment for people from Hong Kong looking for a better tomorrow? 

Firstly, you are still in Asia, in a lifestyle that you are used to, or can easily get used to. For many Hong Kong people, one concern is their parents who can’t speak English, so if the whole family moves to UK, they can predict the difficulties for this generation.

Phuket is an easy, friendly place to live, local people are very familiar with Chinese culture. You can buy Chinese goods, food, there’s Asian food everywhere; to live a decent life is not a problem at all.

Secondly, the distance is more than acceptable, only 3 hours away, you can go back to visit or stay whenever you want. For those who want to visit you in Phuket, it’s also super easy to make a trip. If you have a type of job that you can work remotely, Phuket is really a paradise, the time difference is only 1 hour.

The most important part, of course, is total affordable luxury. We all know that Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive urban center to live in. Purchasing a property here comes at the fraction of a cost that it would be in Hong Kong.

From what you’ve read so far, you might say sure, sure, how can I stay in Phuket?

This might be the part that you don’t know. There’re plenty of ways to stay in Phuket legally for the short or long term. The Thai government offers different types of visas for a long stay, especially for people who are over 50, getting a retirement visa is the best way.


The advantages of investing in Phuket

Let’s sum up a bit why our projects in Phuket are a top choice for Hong Kong people now, here are the points we conclude with our new clients from Hong Kong.

There are many advantages to investing in property in Phuket, Houses for sale in Phuket. The housing market on the island is affordable, and purchasing a property here comes at the fraction of a cost that it would be in Hong Kong.

Phuket is also within close proximity to Hong Kong, and can be easily reached by a number of flights. Additionally, it is possible to have a luxurious yet affordable lifestyle on the island. Phuket has much to offer in terms of leisure activities, dining, shopping and nightlife. Healthcare at Phuket’s international hospitals is of a very high standard, and there are a large variety of quality international schools on the island for those wishing to relocate with their family.

The weather in Phuket is also another great bonus. The island’s tropical climate is pleasant, and even during the rainy green season, it is still possible to go outside and enjoy outdoor activities.

Another important thing to consider is that Phuket is very safe. Thailand has recently taken the top spot for its recovery efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Thailand has been ranked number 1 out of 184 countries for its efforts against the virus, according to the Global Covid-19 Index. The current times are unprecedented, but Thailand has proven it is a safe country to reside in.

For residents of Hong Kong who are interested in purchasing property in Phuket, the options are extremely lucrative. Buy a property in Phuket with PHS now, and receive a 7% rental guarantee for the next 15 years with the right of one month usage per year. Upon completion of the first 15 years rental guarantee, it is possible for the buyer to sign up for an additional rental guarantee term directly with the developer. Alternatively, full use of the apartment is also possible in case the buyer prefers to stay in Phuket rather than returning to Hong Kong.

That means you can make a plan to observe the future, moving out for some time, and then decide to move back or stay away, instead of going straight to a land that you are not sure you will blend in properly.



Lucrative Options for Phuket Investment

In Phuket, it’s possible to purchase an apartment or sea view cottage for one-tenth of the price it would be to purchase the same property in Hong Kong.

After the purchase of an apartment or sea view cottage in Phuket, in the event of a new global pandemic or crisis, upon buyer request, the rental agreement contract can be placed in standby and the buyer is allowed to fully use the unit during the emergency time period. Certainly, this is reassuring to all potential buyers, knowing that their safety is paramount should another pandemic occur.

If you want to use the apartment or cottage by yourself, PHS will be glad to help you for applying the type of visa you need.



Ensure a Better Tomorrow, Today

Interested in learning more regarding property investment in Phuket? Phuket Holiday Services is a one-stop solution for property investment on the island. To learn more about the affordable, available options in Phuket, feel free to contact us via email at info@phsproperty.com


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