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The current pandemic situation has forced the world to stay home. For those hoping to invest in property in Thailand or buy a dream home on a tropical island like Phuket, it is still possible to start the process even if you have to do it remotely.

Starting the search for your dream home from your current home does have a few benefits. It gives you the time to amply research various options available when it comes to property websites, as well as the time for you to manage your expectations and consider all that you want for your dream home.

Phuket Holiday Services is a one stop solution for property investment in Phuket, Thailand. From our professional expertise, we have some suggestions to offer you for searching for your dream home remotely.

Expand Your Remote Search

Perhaps you have your heart set on Phuket, in a quiet destination such as Nai Yang Beach? While the solitude may certainly be enjoyable, the remoteness of the area may not be. Expand your remote search to other areas of Phuket. Keeping your budget in mind, look at other neighborhoods on the island that may be within closer proximity to international schools and hospitals, shopping malls and other convenient amenities. When you expand your search, it is possible that you’ll find your dream home in an entirely different part of the island.

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Do Your Research

Now is the most opportune time to not only do your research, but also conduct some personal due diligence. Study the real estate market and perhaps make a pros and cons list of factors that will go into the eventual purchase of your dream home. For example, what is the demand for property investment in the neighborhood? Do the other homes surrounding your potential dream home carry the same value as yours? It is also important to consider the developer. What is the developer’s track record? Do they have a favorable reputation?

Phuket Holiday Services is the biggest developer in Phuket. We offer a variety of projects, from 30 sqm studio to 900 sqm luxury villas. We are able to help you find your dream home in Phuket, and are happy to answer any questions you might have to make the purchase as hassle-free as possible.


Explore your dream home virtually

If you have found your dream home online, ask the developer of the possibility of exploring it virtually. Pay attention during this process and ensure to write down any questions you might have. You’ll want to know hold old the property is. Additionally, you might have questions about windows, doors, if there’s ever been problems with the plumbing or the roof has ever leaked. These are all valid concerns, and if you’ve built a good relationship with the developer, you should feel at ease with the answers to all of your questions.


After searching remotely, what comes next?

Despite the current situation, we will travel again. As the world slowly opens up, it is good to have something to look forward to. Focusing on a dream home on the island of Phuket will certainly lift your spirits. Even remotely, the purchase of property is possible online. For further information or to inquire about available properties in Thailand, contact Phuket Holiday Services at info@phsproperty.com.

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How to Find Your Dream Home Remotely