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Golfing in PhuketGolf is among the most popular sports in the world that many great men and women devote their life, skills and passion to on a daily basis all around the globe. One of the thrills about the sport is that no two courses are the same. Thus, the variety in golfing locations is one of the most exciting aspects in golfing, hence is why true Golfers often take up long travel hours to get to try new courses in a wide variety of locations, each with a different complexity.

Of course, Golfing is very prominent in Phuket too. There are many great courses to try here, which is why the island makes for a popular choice for Golfers from all corners of the world. In this newsletter, we’ve put together the top 5 Golf courses in Phuket and what makes them truly interesting to try. Let’s dive right into it.

Golfing in Phuket

#5: Phuket Golf Holidays

Known for its great ocean view, this golf course has much to offer. Apart from a dedicated staff that is very helpful and always manages to satisfy the individual requirements of their customers, Phuket Golf Holidays also offers a great variety in courses. Ranging from beginner to advanced courses, a complex variety of water, sand and grass courses, many great shots await you here in a picturesque scenery.

#4: Laguna Golf Phuket
The scenery has a big appeal in Golf, and Laguna Golf Phuket has one of the best sceneries in Phuket. Known for their rivers and wide plains, this course is famous for its wavy lawn and high complexity, further challenging the players in calculating good trajectories to not roll back and lose precious yards. This gets even more appealing when lagoons are involved. What appears to be a good shot suddenly turns into a diving excursion. This Golf Course is recommended for beginners and advanced players alike.

#3: Loch Palm Golf Club

Aiming for a more western approach, this Golf Club promises to deliver a traditional Scottish Course surrounded by tropical palm trees and wide greens.

Especially beginner friendly and known for its easy entry courses, this play field offers very advanced holes too. Praised for the supportive and encouraging caddies, which makes this challenge even more appealing, this Golf Course is a must-try.

Golfing in Phuket

#2: Phuket Golf Leisure

Having a few mountains around a Golf course can present some interesting changes in wind conditions. One moment, you experience a full-blown frontal wind, and while you finally make your shot, the winds suddenly change and your ball gets a lot of velocity! This gets even more exciting when you try out the advanced courses, as the wind will be a constant adversary in your game at this Golf Course.

It is also noteworthy to mention the Club restaurant, known for its mix of western and Thai cuisine. A true adventure in the midst of Phuket’s eventful atmosphere.

#1 Red Mountain Golf Club

Without a doubt, the Red Mountain Golf Club is best Golf Club in Phuket. With a perfect location and a wide mix of grass, sand and water fields with astonishing views over a beautiful rain forest in its natural glory, every golfer that visits Thailand is highly advised to take a look at this Club, as it satisfies every requirement and wish a Golfer may have. From its friendly and very professional staff, to its superb service and amazing caddies, this Golf Club leaves for no wishes to remain unfulfilled. Even the restaurant is so good, it is worth a visit on its own. A Golf Club as good as it gets, with many challenges and fun courses for every Golfing enthusiast.

Golfing in Phuket, a luxury lifestyle

Golfing is one of the many great activities you can take part in when in Phuket, and if you happen to fall in love with it so much that you’d like to experience it more often, we from Phuket Holiday Services, can even help you find the perfect holiday home in or around Phuket.

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Golfing in Phuket