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Do you like Live-Music?

Live-music has to be one of the most popular things when it comes to partying.
No sound-system can ever truly recreate the sound a real band has going on. If you too are a music-enthusiast, we’ve got 5 places for you to see during a long night in Phuket.
All those locations are of course easily accessible to reach from any of our holiday resorts.

If you like it classic, Classic-Rock

Never disregard the classics. Some of the greatest music in the last 100 years was written in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and it is easy to find like-minded people in all of Phuket.
One of the more popular places has to be the Hard Rock Cafe in Phuket, celebrating rock-culture with loud and heavy music and many memorabilia.
The standard cuisine here is Tex-Mex and the people you meet here are friendly, cheerful and like to have fun.
You can dive in on the stage the Hard Rock Café represents, and either enjoy the music or just admire all the classic-rock items displayed all around the place.

For a more “indie” approach, you might like the Red Hot Bar.
Especially known for their vocal talents, the bands playing in this bar even take requests for music you’d like to hear played. The service here is very cheerful and likes to joke around with the customers as well as being in a very good location, so that many visitors pass by and simply can’t resist entering this bar.

For the ones craving something different

When it comes to pure live music, the New York Live Music Bar deserves a mention on in this list.
They celebrate everything live music, with many in-house bands playing many different genres and instruments, and they even like to fool around sometimes.
The staff here is generally very open and approaching.

This bar is a must see if you are a musician!
If you are looking for a more virtuous kind of music with some real talented bands, the Monsoon Bar is made for you.
The main appeal of this bar is its heavy focus on harmonic and highly advanced bands playing all kind of genres. For lovers of all music, this is like heaven. The bar also offers a wide variety of western cuisine ranging from burgers, pizzas, nachos, fries and so on.

Puket Holiday Services Hard Rock Cafe 01

For the lovers of blues

Now, if you wanna see some truly skilled guitar-players that defy all logic, you should visit the Rockin’ Angels Blues Café.
As the name implies, everything in here “got the blues”, in a very good sounding way.
Made to look like an American bar, with posters of old records on the wall and dim light, you will be astonished by how calming and mesmerizing a good blues session can be.

Phuket Holiday Services – where paradise can be yours

These are just a few good reasons to become engulfed in Phuket and it’s culture.
Of course, if you lived in one of our holiday resorts, you could experience these attractions all the time.

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We await you here in paradise!

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