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Racha-Islands-Aerial-ViewWhen we think of Phuket, we think of this tropical paradise, we think of wonderful nightlife sceneries and happenings, and of course, we think of Phuket’s magical beaches!

What beaches you can visit and what you can do there, we will disclose to you in this newsletter with a special insider location at the end.

Relaxing in the calming nature of Mai Khao

This nature reserve is ideal for calming down, while walking your dog for hours on crunchy yellow sand with common sighting of Water Buffalos. You can listen to the sweet tweeting and singing of the local birds, or collect yourself one of the many large seashells getting washed up.

There are a few bamboo shacks around, offering a great variety of barbecues and other grilled food.

Mai Khao is not ideal for swimming, especially while alone, but it offers a great attraction nonetheless. Once a year, during the Songkran festival in April, you can even witness the hatching and the release of the wide-eyed Turtles on this spot.

Visit Bang Tao

This beach is probably the best known in Phuket, a beach where you can relax along a five-mile strip of dream-white beach sand.

During the high season, it offers calm waters with enough space for everyone. Bang Tao beach is open to everyone; a place where you can just lie around with a cold drink in hand, or visit one of the many open-air bars with a numerous selection of cocktails, drinks and many more beverages.

There are many places offering all kind of water sport activities such as windsurfing, water skiing or paragliding. Visit Bang Tao at least once during your stay in Phuket.

Discover Phuket’s magical beaches

Racha island and its coral reefs

This coast with plenty of small islands and immaculate shores with swarming reefs, is the perfect place for divers, water enthusiasts and more venturesome activities.

You can dive through the coral reefs and admire the local flora and fauna, or drive with a speedboat between the many islands.

There are many good places for mountain biking around the different islands, which are very well-suited for horseback riding as well.

You could also join one of the many seafood-fishing trips and eat your own catch afterwards, or just go visit one of the many local beach eateries.

Banana Rock Beach

The Banana Rock beach is a lesser known place locals usually don’t tell tourist about. While not as big as the other beaches, it offers its visitors a place to sit and relax below their very own colorful umbrella between the up to 50ft (about 15 meter) tall palm trees, or just swim in the crystal clear-, luminous green water. There is a single seafood restaurant offering freshly caught seafood – but that’s also a place worth visiting while there.

With Phuket holiday services, you get a place in paradise

These are just a few of the places that make Phuket as wonderful as it is, and these places could be within a walking distance from your PARADISE BEACH RESIDENCE, if you should decide to purchase or invest in one of our many holiday-resorts or condominiums.

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We hope that you will enjoy Phuket to the fullest during your stay!