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Dining in Phuket with Phuket Holiday Services

Perhaps best well-known for its beaches and warm, tropical climate, Phuket is a lovely island in Southern Thailand. A true gem for affordable holidays, in recent years Phuket has become quite the foodie hub.

Phuket has restaurants to accommodate every budget and price point. The island offers a variety excellent choices in the form of beachfront dining in both laid-back and romantic settings, charming coffee shops, unique cafes, and creative Thai-fusion restaurants. There are loads of Sunday brunch and Sunday roast options on the island as well as fresh seafood barbecue and sushi.

Dining in Phuket is a real treat for those who purchase a holiday home in Phuket with Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. A majority of the properties we manage are scattered around the Patong to Kamala areas of Phuket. Not only is the scenery stunning, but the food choices are also ample. Holiday home owners can look forward to being spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out in Phuket during their extended vacation or stay.

Patong is popular for being Phuket’s vivacious neighborhood that is the center of nightlife and shopping. However, Patong is also a contender for some of the best dining spots on the island. Hungry home owners will be pleased at the sheer amount of choice this neighborhood offers.

Patong hosts fantastic restaurants of every cuisine imaginable including Arabic, Italian, Mexican, Russian and Thai. Most restaurants feature open-air terrace settings which allow sunset dining at its finest. If you have a craving for Thai food, there are some great upscale Thai and Thai-Fusion food choice options lining Patong Beach Road.

Dining in Phuket with Phuket Holiday ServicesIf you are in search of street food, Patong does not disappoint. Patong has dozens of alleyways filled with Thai street food stalls. These stalls are ridiculously cheap to eat at, and provide the perfect opportunity for holiday home owners to sample such local dishes as Pad Thai, Mango with Sticky Rice, and dishes famous to Phuket such as Hokkien Mee, which is a delicious stir-friend noodle dish with fresh seafood.

The next beach neighborhood north of Patong is called Kamala. Kamala is a quaint little village that offers a taste of slow life and some exceptional fresh seafood catches. Located near to some Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. properties, Kamala offers up a long stretch of beach that is dotted with local seafood restaurants. If you are looking for an authentic Thai dining experience, Kamala really is the place for it. Affordable and comfortable, a night out dining in Kamala is a delicious affair.

Honestly, there has never been a better time to invest in Phuket. The market is affordable and the island truly has so much to offer. If you are considering purchasing a holiday home in Phuket, contact us at info@phsproperty.com

Phuket Holiday Services Co., Ltd. offers a portfolio of unique properties mainly centered in the Patong area of the island. Close to all of the aforementioned dining options above, the properties are also affordable and offer return investment opportunities for owners.

If you would like to know more about our property portfolio or the island of Phuket in general, do reach out via email at info@phsproperty.com We’d be happy to discuss investment opportunities so that you have the chance to dine in Phuket on a nightly basis.

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