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Benefits of a Thai traditional massage

Thai massage dates back around 7000 years and is quite different from other forms of massage that use oils and require you to disrobe and get on a massage table. Instead, Thai massage is performed while you are fully clothed, usually on the floor or on a mat. Rather than gliding and kneading motions, Thai massage uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to increase flexibility and relieve tension. Your masseuse uses their body to manipulate yours into yoga-like stretches ideal for when you’re particularly stiff or sore.

Benefits of Thai massage

1. Relieves tension and boosts circulation

Massage helps relieve stress and tension in the muscles and joints and protects against stress-related illness. By improving circulation, it also boosts energy and improves your range of movement. Thai massage has been shown to relieve tension headaches and stimulate lymphatic drainage which reduces the number of toxins in your body. Tests have shown that Thai massage increases mental stimulation keeping you sharp and focused. Increase blood circulation fills the body’s tissues with oxygen, helping to promote cell growth, increase your immune system and boost heart health.

2. Combats back pain

Perhaps the most common reason people have a Thai massage is to relieve back pain and increase movement. These days poor posture is common, leading to back pain which causes excessive pressure on joints and muscles as you try to compensate. Thai massage will relive the immediate discomfort while also increasing your range of movement, allowing you to correct your posture and reduce the pain and discomfort that we all too easily come to accept as part of life.

Benefits of a Thai traditional massage

3. Utilizes energy work

Thai massage also incorporates energy work, which, according to ancient Asian culture, treats the subtle energetic field within the body, correcting blockages, deficiencies, and imbalances in the flow of energy. This, in turn, is believed to improve overall health.

4. Relieves stress

Stress can have a negative effect on mental and physical health. While some stress in fine and can help to keep you motivated, chronic, or long-lasting, stress can lead to serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and is also a contributory factor in cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Having a Thai massage is a relaxing experience in itself but it also has long term benefits. It will reduce toxins in your body and relieve stress on your muscles and joints making you feel healthier, more comfortable and better able to deal with day to day stress.

5. Improves balance

It may sound strange, but one study focused on Thai foot massage in people with peripheral neuropathy, a common problem for diabetics. Researchers found that Thai massage improved their balance as the improved circulation of blood stimulates the somatosensory system which plays a major role in balance.
There is no doubt that Thai massage has huge benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. But it’s also an immensely pleasurable experience in which you will literally feel the release of tension. Manipulating stiff and sore muscles can cause some discomfort but a properly trained Thai massage practitioner will be able to limit discomfort and ensure that the relief and freedom of movement you feel afterward will make it worthwhile. Regular Thai massage will help keep you supple and pain-free. If you’re visiting Thailand a traditional Thai massage must be on your list of things to do.

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Benefits of a Thai traditional massage