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Phuket is an island with a lot of tradition and a lot of memorable places. One might even be a little overwhelmed by all the attractions that Phuket has to offer.
Today, we would like to talk about 4 of the many things to admire while in Phuket to make the choice just a little easier when in Phuket.

James Bond Island

Phang Nga bay and the famous James Bond island

A big part of “The man with the golden gun” aka. James Bond, was filmed on Phuket.
On the so called Koh Ta-pu (Nail Island) to be precise.
Since then, it carries the nickname James Bond Island – and as the movie, it is definitely worth a view, or two!
From there, it is only a small travel to Koh Panyee, a small village built on stilts in the water. The village is basically a big raft. That itself is not only fascinating, but also very remarkable.

Afterwards, travel to Samet Nangshe to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. Guaranteed!
It’s on itself an adventure and truly unforgettable; Phang Nga is a wonderful place

Enter the Bangla Road nightlife

You like to party? Great! This is where you’ll want to be. Known worldwide for its extensive nightlife and partying, the Bangla Road has many things to offer in order for your nights to be your highlight of the day.
From the vast amount of clubs to all the bars and shows, everybody will find their fun here.

The colorful ambient further enchants the experience, and people here are generally friendly and easy going. Come see for yourself!

Big Buddha Phuket

The Big Buddha

Located on Nakkerd Hills sits a 45 meter tall statue of Buddha. This monumental work of art is a sight to behold. The Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha as the natives call it, was built in 2004 entirely from reinforced concrete and layered with beautiful Burmese white jade, that shines in the sun. The view and the actual image itself are breathtaking.

Phuket FantaSea Show

If you like it a bit ‘wacky’ and flamboyant, you will love this. It has elephants, crazy costumes and tells a fantastic story through its unique and very colorful style. Everything is made to impress and you will find your jaw dropped out of awe. Then, with a seamless transition, you find yourself at the Golden Kinnaree Buffet. Able to serve up to 4000 guest, this is one of Asia’s biggest buffet menus. And that for a good reason.
But the fun doesn’t end here. Make sure to take a photo of the golden exterior, as that is officially one of the most popular photo backgrounds in Thailand.

Naka Bay

4 good reasons to relocate to Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful place and you can move there. What is stopping you?

If you are interested in relocating or investing in Phuket, feel free to send us an E-Mail to info@phsproperty.com. We will help you with the move and guide you through every step needed, so you can settle down in Thailand or just find the ideal holiday place and live where the magic is. We are looking forward to welcoming you here!

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