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3 Ways to Get Regular Exercise in Phuket without Joining a Gym

Jun 19, 2020 | News | 0 comments


Life on an island definitely has its advantages. For those of us lucky enough to call Phuket home, we are blessed with an abundance of outstanding beaches, national parks and green outdoor spaces flanked by towering palm trees and tropical foliage.

Phuket truly is a wonderful place to admire the natural surroundings while getting a bit of exercise in. Even during the low season rains, the weather in Phuket remains pleasant enough to exercise outside. For those who would rather not join a gym, here are our top 3 ways to get regular exercise in Phuket without joining a gym.

Walk Yourself to Good Health

Walking often tends not to get the respect it deserves. While walking may be less intensive than running, it offers exciting benefits for heart health, including a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

Brisk walking for 30 minutes per day at least five times per week is an excellent way to get in your daily exercise. Phuket has a wide variety of great places to walk yourself to good health. There are many parks in Phuket with paved paths for walking. Good examples of these are the promenade at Saphan Hin near Phuket Town, and the park which surrounds the lake near Nai Harn Beach.

Of course, there are always Phuket’s beaches to enjoy some free exercise as well. A brisk walk in the morning or a late afternoon stroll as the sun sets is sure to leave you feeling invigorated. Besides, walking in the sand is a good way to get stronger. Sand provides great resistance, which means it strengthens your arches, ankles and leg muscles. You’ll burn calories while you are taking in some of Phuket’s epic nature.



Dive In and Swim

Swimming is an excellent all-round activity. It is a great exercise to keep your heart rate up while taking some of the impact stress off of your body. Swimming builds muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

The sea that surrounds Phuket remains warm throughout the year. When the ocean is calm, there is no more wonderful feeling than to dive in and swim. Obviously, during certain times of the year, the ocean produces strong waves and currents. During this time, it is best to take advantage of a local swimming pool. There are local swimming pools in many neighborhoods around Phuket, which are able to be used for a small fee.

If you live in a property with a communal swimming pool or a private swimming pool, you are extra lucky as you can take advantage of swimming laps in the morning or the afternoon. As swimming works every muscle in the body, you will soon notice that you are stronger and you’ll likely also lose weight due to the new activity.

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Take a Class

There are an abundance of exercise classes in Phuket. While most require a small fee, there are a few that are offered for free by the local municipality or in the island’s parks. An example of a free class would be the nightly aerobics classes offered in most parks or at the local municipality. You’ll see the instructor dancing on stage, while many men and women from the neighborhood follow along. These types of aerobics classes are usually low key and the perfect place for a person to start a new exercise routine.

There are also a variety of other classes around the island to join for a minimal fee. Classes like yoga and Zumba are very popular in Phuket, and there are a large variety of studios and health & wellness centers that offer these on a pay per class basis. Not only will joining a class be good for your health, but it will also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and form new friendships.

Many expats living in Phuket take advantage of the island’s natural beauty to get their daily exercise in. If you are thinking of buying property in Phuket to relocate or to enjoy as a holiday home, email Phuket Holiday Services at info@phsproperty.com or give us a call at +66 (0) 950 374 414.


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3 Ways to Get Regular Exercise in Phuket without Joining a Gym